Friday, October 20, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Cling

The door that stands before me is a portal into nothingness.
Vacant lands I've crossed before.
Desolate, unyielding, unforgiving of the unforgiven.

All paths converge here in this moment of insignificance.
The ultimate decision begs definition,
yet to be constructed from a universe without choice.

Silence mocks emptiness.
Emptiness breaks silence with a triumphant cry of despair.
Echoing off of nothing, witnessed only by the moment itself.

The door slowly swings open, moved by forces unseen.
Momentum's pull beckons, tugging at my limbs without regard
for my need to cling.
The door closes silently behind me.
The moment having passed below the threshold of my awareness.
All is as it was before.
Indeed, I was there all the time.

Two footprints mark the spot where I stood.
Memorializing my progress, ahead of those laid down before.
Yet, another moment has come to pass.
I breathe in and prepare for the crushing weight of the next approaching moment.

It grows and swells with the anticipation of its own arrival.
Fully matured, it demands acknowledgment.
I feel the urge to cling.
Before me, an open door awaits.

by D. Tkon Copyright 2006


Anonymous said...

"Momentum's pull beckons, tugging at my limbs without regard
for my need to cling"

Life is like that sometimes. We're swept forward whether we want to go or not. It is a beautiful image. God, how we all need to cling sometimes. Its an amazing urge. Excellent poem.

Natalie said...

Of course you were there all the time... I love the line 'silence mocks emptiness'. And the triumphant cry of despair which breaks the silence with its emptiness. Wow. An amazing poem, really. You also have perfectly captured 'surrender', while part of you attempts to cling to what you know. Thank you so much for your beautiful words!

r's musings said...

Thank you, Dennis, for your wonderful comment on my poem, 'Calling.'

In 'Cling,' I see the struggle toward enlightenment, the ego's need to mark its territory, establish its existence, and the fear of letting go. Wonderfully scary ending, "an open door awaits." How true. I thoroughly enjoyed your words! Thank you for sharing.

Dennis said...

Natalie and Robin – thank you both for the kind words and for taking the time to stop by to consider my poem.