Tuesday, January 29, 2008

42 Days Later . . .

My car is back! 42 days of repair work totaling just over ten-thousand dollars and twelve hundred dollars in rental fees. I have my car again. But I’m afraid the love affair is over. It’s still a totally cool car and I love the G-35, just not this one anymore.

I looked it over real good when I picked it up, but it’s not the same. I can’t help looking at it and picturing all of that bent metal and crushed plastic . . . the dual exhausts scraping the ground. The bumper hanging off. The trunk crushed in. And I also know what was done to fix it. An entire new rear and trunk pan. New quarter panels and a totally new exhaust system. Windows removed, metal and paint blended to hide the scars. Frame extenders welded in place because the original frame was cut apart to remove the crushed sections.

No. I can’t love you anymore. I need you to be perfect and not scarred like me. I wanted an amazingly beautiful car, not a mirror.