Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Feet!

Mmmmm! Stylish!

And Comfee!

[Cue the Hallelujah Chorus for full dramatic effect].

After much discussion, apprehension, and procrastination, (click here, here, & here for details) I finally have my clogs!!!! I’ve been going on about getting these for over a year now and I’ve finally found a pair that look stylish, are comfee and don’t look like boats on my size 12 feet. I’ve never owned a pair before and these might just be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

Now that I have them, I’ve taken a terrible disliking to all-things-footwear (other than my clogs) that reside in my closet. While showering or shaving in the morning, I find myself contemplating the possibility of wearing clogs with a business suit or to court. It always ends the same – with me wearing my Johnston & Murphys to work, grumbling about the lunacy of having to wear a suit at all.

Previously, on non-court / non-client days I’d rejoice at being able to dress down or better yet, wear jeans to work. Now, every time I see an appointment free day on my calendar, I immediately hear the word “CLOGS!” followed by 20 seconds of the Hallelujah Chorus. Ok. So the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. It’s just how I am. All I can say is that buying these clogs and now wearing them every chance I get has been doing a wonderful job satiating that part of my brain previously preoccupied with drugs. So sue me! Or better yet, go put on a pair right now and see if you don’t feel the rush . . .


Anonymous said...

Heh. I have three pairs of Dansko closed-back clogs, in black, red suede, and brown suede. And one pair of open back Sanita clogs, in a sexxxaaayyy oxblood color. I desperately need a blue pair. I also have the wool ones, but they're not Hott, just warm and cozy.

I once had a male boss whose arches fell after a marathon and he was told by his orthopedist that he could either go buy a pair of black closed back clogs, or postpone the case he was supposed to be trying the next week. He bought the clogs, used a cane, and won the case. And I don't think I ever saw his regular shoes ever again, even on suit days. He got a fair amount of ragging, until one another partner's back went out and he had a case to try-- soon enough, there were man clogs all over the place.


Dennis said...

You're a riot! (and a good sport for reading my blog regularly! - THANX)

Ugh! The thought of using a cane! The funny thing is that now, when I wear my clogs and carry my "man-bag" my two girls won't walk with me and my wife even keeps her distance.

I can't beleive you worked in an office where all the guys were walking around wearing clogs! That's a hoot!

jess said...

first of all...thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello.

i have a pair of pants like this. i wear them as often as possible and i kinda hope no one notices how often i wear them, but deep down i think that maybe they think i'm gross cuz i wear the same pair of pants so often.

they're just perfect. i wish i could find 10 identical pairs. they make me wonder why i even own other pants.

Jo said...

I was just about to say I have Dansko slipper clogs which I LOVE and wish had better soles so I could wear em out but someone beat me to it (grin). Yep, clogs are wonderful and your feet don't smell! Yours look great.

Professor J said...

Lovely. I wonder if you could sneak in a pair to wear under your desk.