Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hey! Where'd The Worms Go?

Click on this picture to enlarge! It's very cool!
I took down my yucky story about pistachios. Most readers found it upsetting and I got tired of looking at the worms. So instead, I thought I’d post something I enjoyed looking at for a change. I like this picture. So now it’s on my blog.

I just got finished typing a long letter to
Poet With A Day Job one of my all-time bestest blog-buddies. We were just chatting about mean people and why people are so screwed up sometimes.

Anyway, it got me thinking about my own stuff and the psycho-spiritual work I’m doing, where I am, and where I want to be. I could go on for days writing about what I’ve learned as a result of 15 years in therapy, a trip to rehab and some pretty hard times personally and professionally. But my own subjective experience would teach you nothing about how to ride a bike. Nobody I know can be taught to ride a bike through lectures and reading material. You have to go out there, find your center, feel what it’s like to lose your balance over and over and get a few skinned knees.

And while I couldn’t teach you to ride a bike by telling you how I learned to ride one, I could tell you a few things that might speed up the process for you, help you find your own center more easily and save you the pain of at least a couple skinned knees. So that’s what I’ll do now. I don’t expect you to understand all of this, but take some notes and perhaps try to remember these things when life gets hard. Every single one of these statements is true.

1. Whatever the question may be, the answer is always LOVE – this is not open for debate;

2. Forgiveness is the most healing tool in the universe. Use it to heal yourself first and then forgive everyone always without exception. Forgiveness has nothing to do with deserving to be forgiven or being worthy of it or having earned it;

3. Resentment is like stabbing yourself and waiting for the other person to bleed;

4. You are already forgiven. You just haven’t figured it out yet;

5. You are unconditionally loved. You just haven’t figured it out yet;

6. There are only two truly natural emotions in this world – Love and Fear. Every other emotion you can name is simply derivative of Love and Fear;

7. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, whatever you may think is “about you” has absolutely nothing to do with you;

8. Our failed relationships with others have far less to do with the other person than you would ever believe. Most of our suffering and disappointment in others is a consequence of our having burdened them unconsciously with our own projections of unattainable perfection;

9. Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive forgive and by all means possible, forgive!

10. Forgive yourself until you find it possible to love yourself. When you finally are capable of truly loving yourself sincerely and without pretext, life will become easy, but first you must forgive. (Look at the web address of this blog!)

And finally, this is brought to you by someone who, once upon a time, believed it was his mission in life to write the definitive book proving once and for all that God does not exist - I'm here to tell you that there is something in this universe more powerful than you. Call it whatever you want - I call it "Source" - but there IS something out there and it loves you - hopefully not more than you'll ever know.

Wishing all of you an abundance of love and forgiveness!

Dennis ~


madd said...

Dennis..great thoughts to live by..right back at you my you and what you have to say..m

madd said...

p.s...forgot to tell you I absolutely love the picture..m

Dennis said...

Thanks Madd! It's definitely good stuff! Have a wonderful day and lots of love to you too!!

Poet with a Day Job said...

I just got finished reading your email - and writing you a novel back too! Then I came here and what a wonderful surprise - I love, and am clinging to:

"3. Resentment is like stabbing yourself and waiting for the other person to bleed;" and

"7. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, whatever you may think is “about you” has absolutely nothing to do with you;"

D - just by your example you help me heal myself! (looking forward to the poem assignment I gave you....just kidding, sort of...)

Dennis said...

M - I won't be around much today - I have to go up to Philadelphia for a meeting. I'll try to write back when I can!

Brian said...

I love the fractal picture. And I love your post. And I love you.

Dennis said...

Brian! Thanks for the kind words and the love. Love you too! You're a good man!

Anonymous said...

For now, I'll stay anonymous, but I would really like to say THANK YOU! Your words are giving me much needed hope and sunshine during a time that I see change and excitement as much as I feel anxiety and fear. Thank you again!

Dennis said...

To Anonymous - I'm glad you found something positive in these words. Life is so much easier than anyone would ever believe possible! I know it is for me.

Leah said...

just for the record, i LOVED those wormies and the pistachio story...i'm glad that you have up a new entry, but i am sorry to see them go.

Dennis said...

Leah - just tell me where you want me to e-mail the pictures and the story and it's yours! :-)

Have a great day!

la vie en rose said...

dennis thank you so much for this post. i really needed these words today. most days i remember these things...some days i forget...thanks for reminding me... i'm printing this out so that i can re-read it whenever i feel myself forgetting...

Dennis said...

Excellent Michelle! I'm glad these thoughts are working for you! Have a wonderful day!