Sunday, February 04, 2007

Exit Wound

Exit Wound

Fetal pose on wood parquet

His breath exhaled so completely
Death could make all the arrangements

The world in 90-degree perspective
Face on the floor – a taste of rust –tongue dry
Once vertical black seams on stockinged legs
Now retreating horizons pumping toward the door

Invisible entry wound
Applies fresh gloss to her weapon
Imagines poison destroying tissue
Reaches for the knob and turns the page
The exit wound inflicted by
her sotto voce “goodbye”

And in the hall she passes Death
who crouches gathering withered flowers

By Dennis Tkon Copyright 2007


Brian said...

Good morning Dennis. I hope are feeling better this weekend. I read your last post also.

I am at work today.

Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...
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Susie J said...

I love your writing -- and forever nothing is especially nice.

Dennis said...

Susie - Thanks for the visit and the read!

Poet with a Day Job said...

This is an interesting poem, Dennis. I like the "pumping" which of course makes me think of her wearing pumps...and I really like the taste of rust in the mouth. What a signal of decay...I really love it.

Dennis said...

M! So glad you liked this! I was starting to get paranoid about this one because it just wasn't getting any traffic. But now I feel better! Thanks for commenting.

madd said...

Dennis..hey there..I hope you are feeling better..? Thanks so much for the visit. I have read this and your other posts as I had some time tonite..yea! got to visit a bit. I loved all of these..three..posts, I have so much I want to say but I hate to write a novella in your comment you mind if I email you?? or you can send me a hello and I will say hi back..? to hear from you and I loved this poem..I know exactly where it came from as I have been there once or twice..:)Hope to hear from you my friend..hugs..m

Joy said...

This reminds me of my favorite poet sooooooo much, it brought tears to my eyes
He lived in a whole different era -in so many ways- but I carry him with me always


Dennis said...

Joy - Thank you for reading this. Your comments are always so exuberant and kind!

writerwoman said...

Wow. Very intense. I liked the end where she walked past death. What a stark image. Love it.

Dennis said...

I'm glad you stopped by to read this. I had fun with this one. The imagery was very different than what I typically go for.

L. Monique said...

I never got to stop by and read the finale. Very subtle, but effective changes. I love the end version. I still love the tie in with the picture. I wish it were on my wall... with the poem.