Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Once Trodden

Dash, a crimson rose once trodden
Underneath a foot path worn
Quickly loves first kiss forgotten
For this love though do not mourn

Eyes now open light first seeing
Skies of teal, so heather blue
Turn the page on love now fleeting
Look back not lest you review

Come upon the broken hearted
Coiled up where love once sprung
Bonds that joined now long since parted
Echoes faintly love’s bell rung

Do in time think to remember
Chance perhaps will come along
Soft still glowing loves red ember
Dash a crimson rose love song

by Dennis Tkon Copyright 2006


Beloved dreamer said...

Glad you went your own way.
I just love your poem. It touched my heart as not many do.
Keep writing my friend.


ren.kat said...

that's one sad date ;-)
love the assonance.

G said...

lovely rhythm...
thanks for checking out my post - explains why I didn't get a self-date this week :)

wendy said...

Has a quaitness (not in a bad way) the sound of a gentle time long ago.

Dana said...

I love how the beginning comes back in the end but in a different way. Nicely done.

Beloved dreamer said...

Dennis, just wanted to tell you thanks so much for you comment on my poem. Also love the photo you used.


Dennis said...

Thanks BD, ren.kat, g, wendy, dana and BD (again!). It's great that you ladies take the time to stop by and share your thoughts. I enjoy sharing with you all!


Natalie said...

A beautiful reflection of love now passed Dennis. The blues and reds come forward and hit you - almost a blood red feel i get from this. fab imagery too.

Dennis said...

Natalie – Thanks! This is definitely one of my favorites. Believe it or not, it wasn’t inspired by any one particular woman. Rather, it was more reflective of the mood I was in – I had been feeling rather dashed about in matters of the heart and having a hard time reminding myself that not withstanding whatever happens, the red ember of love burns on, even if only quietly.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Interesting use of sound Dennis. My favorite line: Skies of teal, so heather blue.

Dennis said...

Thanks Sam! I really appreciate your comments! And thanks so much for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I like the rhythm of this one and the hopefulness that seeps through the sadness of it. Very nice, Dennis!

Dennis said...

Robin, You’re so sweet for stopping by and commenting on all my posts! You always have such great things to say too! You hit on two of my most favorite things about this poem – the rhythm and hopefulness. I love poems that are fun to read and make you think. It took me a long time to embrace free-form poetry because nothing rhymed and it was so cerebral. I like it when poetry is fun!!