Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Flicker

Holidays are great! So much free time to ponder the imponderables of life! One of my favorite things to do is go exploring. My favorite place to dig is in my memory. I’ve been digging around a lot lately and found a cache of old poetry buried in a secret place. I unearthed this old poem and blew the dust off it and gave it a good scrubbing. I think I’ll just hang it here to let it dry for a while before I put it away again for safe keeping.


Beauty’s secret, revealed in the half-light of a candle’s glow
The last sip drained from lovers’ cups
An essence
The fragrance of flowers
Violets, Gardenias, Rose petals, Babies Breath
Intoxicating flavors, soothing to the lips
Love’s potion
Love’s poison
Gloriously drowned

By Dennis Tkon Copyright 2006


Natalie said...

Get the other poems out Dennis, if they are all as good as this.. ! I did truly drown in the liquid essence of these words, really stunning. I love the lines 'Love's potion, Love's poison'.. keep writing!

Dennis said...

Thanks Natalie! Your comments and visits are appreciated so much!

Anonymous said...

Great poem, Dennis. Love/desire can be very intoxicating, and the flicker of a candle is magical, isn't it?

Dennis said...

Indeed Robin! And as Dana says (not to mention many others) there's poetry everywhere!
Thanks for sharing.