Sunday, September 02, 2007

Working Working Working . . .

I love how peaceful it is here in my office.

On a Sunday.

Like every Sunday.

Except this one is part of a holiday weekend.

Labor Day.

Or so I’m told.

How can one tell?

Oh yeah!

I got up at 6:15 AM this morning.

Instead of 6:00 AM.


poet with a day job said...

I love the bloody typist so much. I used it on an entry a million entries ago...gad you got to "sleep in." because I am a farmer now, I know there's no such thing, ever again.

Dennis said...

Yeah. The angry typist gets around. Got to love the little guy. I love his determination.

I slept in big time this morning. But alas . . . I awoke to the flood. I'll be posting about it shortly.

I saw your chicken-run video. I think that would have unnerved me if I had been standing there when they came streaming out. I would have wanted to get-the-flock-out-of-there!