Saturday, August 11, 2007

December Heart

Two months have passed in utter darkness. The unlit sky begs reprieve from the total eclipse of my December heart – slow with cold and unaware that it still beats in August – Unaware it still beats at all. What good is my apology now? On whose ears would it fall? Surely not upon the woman who loved me once, whose promises of love were so deeply branded into my heart - the scar of unrequited love.

Apologies trip and stumble through my mind, unacknowledged, unspoken, and hopelessly undelivered. Their door to you frozen with the cold of endless night. Stars once brilliant and dazzling mock me in a constellation of pain.

In my dreams you touch me there – your unmistakable touch! Your doe eyed passionate gaze still, with no hint of hatred. Your lips deliver convincingly your message of love – an unspoiled kiss with the taste of forever on your breath. Your curves resume their familiar place against me – two puzzle pieces into one. And in my ear you whisper “Why?”

“I have no answer for you.” I say, and wait for your reaction. But you say nothing – nothing at all, and simply fade into the endless night and into the shadow of my December heart.

by dennis tkon - copyright 2007


Kae-Lyne said...

How sad this is....But I'm happy. Happy that you're writing again. How you turn words into pure magic,

Dennis said...

Sometimes it's just the easiest thing in the world - like crying. Hard to start sometimes, but once the tears come, it's effortless.

Robin said...

Hi Dennis,
Unrequited love...was just thinking of my own this morning. It's been years ago now, so I see it differently, but the feelings...oh, the glorious feelings, they're nice to savor again, every once in a while. :)

Dennis said...

Hi Robin, thanks for reading! It's funny how this just keeps coming up for me over and over. At least I can say without a doubt that I know what's its like to have truly been in love. It certainly leaves a mark.

gel said...

Achingly beautiful writing! I don't think any of us ever get over unrequited love and yet that sweetness, the unabashed delight in being in love is still worth the misery, at least to me.

Dennis said...

Gel, I couldn't agree more. It's the only pain I look forward to.