Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just You (revisited)

Just You

I summered in your garden
before life happened
There, on the hill by the lake
There were no other gods yet
Just you

Your door, open
Love spilled out
across the grass
wetting roots

I did not drink deeply
there on the hill
Dark clouds gathered
for me
The voice of false gods
on the breeze

Outside the garden
a season of rain
Love’s compass fast
with rust
Empty circles turned
wearing grooves

And you waited for me
There, on the hill by the lake
The grass strong in your garden
Above your door
welcome home

by D. Tkon Copyright 2008


SweetTalkingGuy said...

Hi, I don't pretend I understand but I like it!

tumblewords said...

Very nice!

karen crone said...

The prodigal lover?
I liked this.

Pauline said...

"Love’s compass fast with rust"

a lovely line

Stan Ski said...

Many things need to be 'discovered', before we accept the invitation of a familiar open door.

paisley said...

a summers lament.. i feel sadness in this memory....

Al said...

beautiful. and a phenomenal photo to go along with it.
made my morning.

gel said...

Hi Dennis,
I've been out of blogland for a long break, but I'm back.
This poem, like most I read of yours, seems to erupt from the depths of your soul. This is strong and I feel what I imagine was an arduous journey and much unsaid that we, the readers couldn't possibly know.

I'm glad she was waiting for you. (I assume it is she.) It seems as though you struggled with internal journey and love welcomed you home, strong and steadfast. (If I misinterpreted or said too much, please let me know. I've been away so long, I forgot who likes something said about their poem and who does not.)


Dennis said...

GEL: Thanks for reading. Since you asked me to let you know about your interpretation, I will. The "You" in that poem isn't a woman, though I can see how many people would assume that since I'm writing about love. In this case, the "You" is god, or Source as I like to say.
When I was a young boy, I had some amazing spiritual experiences at a religous summer camp I attended. The poem is about how I first experienced spiritual love and then lost my way for a very long time before I finally found my way back to Source.

Thanks for asking! Much love,

Paul Maurice Martin said...

Tells the story succinctly but vividly --

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