Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Take this little piece of me, he said,
wondering how a thing so small
could bring her any joy at all.
But keeping for himself the whole world,
upon which she would surely choke
if only given a taste.

It’s always in the center
where you’ll find the softest spot
and the gentlest heart, he said.
The rest is all just make believe.
But he was content to sit there
with her all day anyway,
explaining love without
using any magic at all.

Their lips were so close they shared
the same air, which for them
was like food. Nourishing each other
with their breath till neither could
breathe without the other.
Only then was it decidedly love.

How long does love last? She asked,
unaware of her mistake.
Forever. He said, looking at his watch.
But you’ll have to hurry.

By Dennis Tkon Copyright 2007


poet with a day job said...

What a sweet love poem! Of course there's tragedy and triumph, which makes it all the better. I love the opening lines the most, the way he offers the small piece of him, which can also mean his understanding of himself as a person is also small - and how could such a small thing bring her joy? It is the quintessential question lovers always ask: "how could you possibly love me?" But that is not a spiritual question!


Dennis said...

Thanks M! I was experimenting with something a little different. I'm glad you liked this. I liked the opening lines too. I just wish I could have carried the strength of those lines throughout the entire piece, but alas . . .

Thanks for reading!

paisley said...

i cannot help but feel that the verbalization of an emotion is the beginning of its end... this was beautifully written and well thought out...

Jo said...

Yep straight to the heart of it.....many lovely lines, a great write.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this, its sweet but there's depth too

gautami tripathy said...

On the surface it appears almost trivial but has a lot many layers to it...

tumblewords said...

The last stanza caught me by surprise. Interesting piece!

Linda said...

I like the way you begin this all romantic and starry-eyed then end on such a practical note since that's the way life really is! ~Linda

Alan Bender said...

You got it. Love is something like work-it is done for the wonder and the joy not to pass the time. Really like the approach.

Andy Sewina aka Danny Wise said...

She's got to hurry 'cos he's got to go back to work - for some reason, Adam, Eve, Apple and garden spring to mind - cleverly put!

Mad Kane said...

Very well done and I loved the ending.
Mad Kane

Revathi said...

Thanks for visiting my site! Your poem is very good and meaningful!

Dale said...

"Forever, but you'll have to hurry" -- marvelous. The last four lines would make a great standalone poem, too.