Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Dreamed A Thousand Lifetimes

My becoming is upon me. Still so far to travel, but no doubt I’ve climbed in earnest. The horizon falls away more quickly now. Mostly rooftops and wisps of chimney smoke. And as the season of Christ’s birth stretches into full bloom, my wings likewise fill with the breath of life and become dry. The sky, so much more inviting. No fear of God at all.

I Dreamed A Thousand Lifetimes

I dreamed a thousand
lifetimes in becoming
Saw my reflection
drink from a thousand pools
deep and dark

And thought I’d never see
my kite again. But it
did not return to me
The wind claimed
so much more

Wearied, who should
but pause to drink
the night and gulp
the vastness of these
questions; a serious
remedy for soul
in search of

Stars; liquid reverie,
pools of genius so
enlightened; Your banquet
of amazement
Untouched by hands
in need of washing

So I rise to meet you
Set aside my demands
and touch your face
with eyes closed
familiar curves, a
distant memory from
a thousand lives before
Drink sweet water
from your hands
and remember

by Dennis Tkon Copyright 2006


Natalie said...

Merry christmas, Dennis. Your poem was as usual moving and inspiring. The lost kite, those deep dark pools you have drunk from, the thousand lifetimes of becoming.

With all my best wishes x

Poet with a Day Job said...

Hey Dennis: Merry Christmas. And, if you feel like it, I'll pass on the birthday candles (it was a great day, BTW, and it is never too late for glad tidings!). But I would much rather share in your newfound unfear of God...any of that you can pass along will be greatly appreciated! This poem is a great start - thanks!

dogfaceboy said...

Your poetry is Beautiful, Dennis. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

And really, we are always becoming. We don't stop once we get there. There's no there to get. "There is no there there," as many, including Ani Difranco, have said.

You didn't ask for my advice, but I'm a libra and a mom and over forty, and that's what we do with all those traits. Stop trying so hard to become. Just be. Because we know—all humans know because, even though most of us (them, really; I'm above it) are not sensitive to much about ourselves, we are all evolving by the moment. We shed our skins. We shed our passions. We exchange our robes and scepters.


Be good. See you soon.

Dennis said...

Leslie - Your advice is always welcome. Especially here. Thanks for stopping by to read my post. I’ll keep an eye out for ya!

Brian said...

I see a journey come full circle in drinking of yourself, then others, then the return to self.

Beautiful and moving poem. I hope your holidays have been filled with peace and grace.

twitches said...

This is lovely; it has an incantatory quality that I like.

Novel Nymph said...

You have a gift--what more can be said? I traveled the world of my emotions via your verses...

my backyard said...

Lovely images like "drink the night."

I enjoy your poetry very much.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Dennis, this is a wonderful and deeply moving poem. I love best "the thousand lifetimes of becoming". Beautiful image.
Thanks for reading my poem and for your comments. Please have a happy New Year!


January said...

Just lovely. I echo what's already been said.

Thanks for coming by my blog, and for sharing this poem on Poetry Thursday. Happy New Year!

L. Monique said...

The last stanza is wonderful to me. That is where i get lost in this poem.

Thank you for sharing.

Rethabile said...

Wish you many more dreams and sweet water in 2007...

Jon said...

Another poem of yours that I love. One technique I liked, in particular, in this one is the way that there are no stops in this eternal cycle of becoming except for the one instance in which the narrator grasps for something other than the eternal; his attachment for the kite interrupts his journey. Very cool.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely poem, Dennis.

Joy said...

This was Beautiful..

Your words are inspiring and powerful :)